Very refreshing water


Reviewed by: Debra from Pensacola, FL
March 16, 2018
Rating: 3.5
Barefoot Spas PB8


very refreshing water

We love our Barefoot Spa. My only complaint is I wish the cover was a little easier to take off. It’s a bit of a chore every time, but tis worth it. We use the spa year round. We use the spa more in the summer on the warm days than we thought we would. We try to stay cool in the water especially after a hot day on a really hot summer evening. We use it in the winter too, but the hot days and nights are the best for us. This is an added perk to owning one we didn’t really think about. In the summer, I don’t think our heater even cuts on, and it’s very refreshing water when its cool at night with the massage and all the lights!

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